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Smoking Cessation Program

Yes, you can quit smoking

What's about?

This individualised service -under medication prescription or not- will help you to definitively quit smoking.


  • Initial visit. During this first interview (30 minutes approximately), the pharmacist makes 2 questionnaires to evaluate patient's motivation and dependence to nicotine. The benefits relied to abandon and the existing pharmacological treatments will be explained. An option can be chosen at this point and, if a prescription is requiered, an appointement to doctor will be made. Also if the patient is already high motivated, the first day of the abandon process will be fixed.
  • Follow-uo period or successive visitis of  15-20 minutes each. During those visits pharmacist measures CO level expired, analyses difficulties, advices to avoid relapses and make the follow-up of the treatment. The process will go for a whole year with visits after 7 and 15 days, 1,2,3,6 and 12 months or more frequently if required.

Recommended to:

Everybody who wishes stop smoking, several past attempts, chronic patients, persons with high cardiovaslucar risk factor.


32 euros / first visit

Successive visits: 20 euros / visit

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