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The Medication Packaging System that takes care of you

It´s question of Health, Safety and Tranquility

What's it about?

It is a proven and trusted solution, made by the pharmacist, for managing the patient's complite medication requirements.

It is a close packing (in form of weekly blister), made by the pharmacist, which contains all the tablets and/or capsules (oral dosage forms) corresponding to the seven days of the week and four times a day dose.


  • The patient or the caregiver provides all the information about the treatment.
  • The pharmacist checks this information and in case of doubts, contacts the GP or the doctor.
  • The patient or the caregiver picks up the weekly blister every 7 or 15 days.

This service is particularly recommended to:

Polypharmacy patients (at least 4 medications), elderly, dependent persons, in case of the caregiver is on holidays, etc.

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